Le Phoenix Ltd. general business activity is manufacturing wooden products

  • NEW – Solid oak dining and office tables with metal legs
  • NEW – Wooden handles for tools 
  • Furniture components – furniture legs, knobs, and other furniture parts
  • Home decor accessories
  • Craft supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Kitchen appliances – cutting boards, boxes, wooden spoons, etc.
  • Wooden accessories
  • Garden decorations
  • Children toys
  • Wooden components for the construction industry
  • Corporate gifts and advertising materials
  • Intermediate goods for DIY projects

We work with various types of wood

  • Beech
  • Pine, fir, spruce
  • Oak
  • Linden
  • Plywood
  • MDF

Depending on the design and the type of products inquired by our customers, we can use some other materials and like metal inserts, bolts, dowels, etc.

Machined & Processed wood by:

  • Lathe and template lathe
  • Sawing
  • Milling
  • Fine sanding
  • Hot branding
  • Engraving

    In our facility we can offer some additional services and handmade work:


  • Varnishing: color and lacquer
  • Impregnation, straightening with resin, natural oil finish
  • Assembling
  • Aging effect
  • Special package supply and packing

Tipping address: ak_bEvtdLJCWUwwqccBBt4hyvbzek4Q8n4YVaKjDDKdqXy3wj1ug


We manufacture woodworks for the furniture industry and home decor accessories.

Le Phoenix Ltd. is a family-owned business based in Bulgaria. It is a new company which combines the knowledge of two generations – fresh and modern view on one side, with long experience and master skills on the other.

We specialize in manufacturing custom woodworks for other businesses. We supply our clients with a broad array of diverse products made of wood – from furniture components, toys, design, and decoration items, to sports equipment and even wooden parts used in the construction industry.

We work in our customers’ best interests in mind. We gladly get involved in the product development process with advice and expertise regarding the process, wood type, finish, etc.

We love wood and we praise our customers

Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material that brings us closer to nature and gives our homes the sensation of comfort and warmth.

Why choose us?

We are always open to discuss and develop a wooden project you might want to realize and we offer free consultations. We believe that happy clients make the world a better place and this is why we love to keep our clients happy!

Our family-run business is devoted to wood but we are also a bridge to other Bulgarian companies in other production domains. We have a growing network of producers and we can be an intermediate and advocate of your interest in Bulgaria.


In this section, you can see some of our recent productions, However, most of our work cannot be uploaded as it’s a subject to copyright.

NEW Industrial style oak and metal table

Custom made contemporary design oak table with square metal legs – console table, coffee table, dining table, office table,  or a set with a matching bench.

NEW – Wooden handles for tools

Home decor & design products

Furniture components – legs, knob, base, elements and modules

Craft supplies, candle holders, souvenirs and shapes

Kitchen accessories – cutting board, plate, spoon, tenderizer, rolling pin

Children’s toys and furniture

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Le Phoenix is seeking new projects and quality business partnerships. We might just be the partner who your company can benefit from. If you consider outsourcing some components and cut prices don’t hesitate to contact us.